Our team is small and growing fast, so your work with us will have real impact.

Jeff leads FABERNOVEL’s client relationships across the luxury and retail sectors, understanding how the power of digital can bring real transformation across the supply chain. Jeff is a strong believer that FABERNOVEL is unique in providing their clients first-hand access to digital actors and their inspiring practices.
Jeff Michels
Vice President of Luxury and Retail
Akari is a New York-based Digital Project Manager. She specializes in strategic digital transformation projects. Akari has worked with Global 500 clients in automotive, manufacturing, consumer electronics and the financial sector.
Akari Shono
Digital Project Manager
Sébastien specializes in helping companies cut through the complexity of digital to capture real value in their innovation strategy to create real transformation. Sébastien’s passion and focus often leads him across the intersections of government, non-governmental organizations and education.
Sébastien Louradour
Senior Project Analyst
Julie manages the day to day operations in accounting and administration to ensure that FABERNOVEL is always operating at optimal performance.
Julie Yip
Staff Accountant
In her role as Client Experience Manager at FABERNOVEL US, she curates tailored learning expeditions and events. Hyper focused on details, she ensures that our clients can be in the moment rather than worrying about logistics. Brittany comes from the event agency world where she managed incentive and meeting travel programs around the globe for various organizations across industries.
Brittany Faber
Client Experience Manager
Thibault focuses on new opportunities for FABERNOVEL and our clients. He designs tailored programs to meet new challenges in digital, and helps our clients lead successful digital transformation and innovation strategies by connecting the right people, services, and innovative players.
Thibault Ortiz
Strategy & Development Manager
Stéphane leads projects at the FABERNOVEL Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Here, he leverages his networks and his technical understandings to help companies adapt strategically to new opportunities and changes brought by AI.
Stéphane Renault
Senior Project Analyst
Megan Malave
Human Resources Manager
For Coco, graphic design works hand-in-hand with beautifully designed print and and digital imagery. In her work, she focuses on new media marketing and how it interplays with brand experiences - always ensuring that brilliant illustrations support brilliant content.
Coco Kendall
Graphic Designer
As Project Director in the San Francisco office, Estelle manages a team of analysts and works on projects focused on digital transformation, innovation strategy and new business models, with a specialization in the fashion, cosmetics and retail industries.
Estelle Yafi
Project Director
Olivia’s mission is to help large companies through their digital transformation, at startup speed. As a Silicon Valley-based ecosystem expert, she specializes in immersive learning experiences, tech trend books and digital awareness programs.
Olivia Malterre
Project Analyst
As Senior Finance and Administration Manager, Westin oversees essential accounting as well as financial planning and analysis. Westin supports leadership through key reporting and data driven analyses to track FABERNOVEL’s performance and drive strategic business decision making.
Westin Joy
Senior Finance & Administration Manager
Cyrille helps large companies understand new technologies and trends shaping the future of their industry. He works on innovation strategy projects specializing in retail, consumer hardware and entertainment.
Cyrille Bourdeaux
Senior Project Analyst
Samuel Marinelli
Project Analyst
Pierre-Alexandre leads the Learning Expedition program at Fabernovel, where he oversees their production and strategic development. He holds a masters degree from ESSEC with a major in innovations and business.
Pierre-Alexandre Picard
Senior Manager of Learning Expeditions
As a Senior Project Analyst at Fabernovel, Lonjino dedicates his time with digital transformation efforts of a large publishing firm, helping assess new opportunities resulting from analysis of new trends, technologies, and offerings in the market.
Lonjino Lazcano
Senior Project Analyst
Mawuena leads the consulting efforts of our San Francisco office, where she oversees production and contributes to business development. She’s been working with Fortune 500 brands and non-profits to launch products, services and campaigns that are both impactful and meaningful for users & consumers.
Mawuena Tendar
Head of Consulting
Dominique is a digital transformation expert and leader. Recognized expert in digital with a 20+ year proven track record in strategy and operational digital transformation for Fortune 500 companies, both as a consultant and as a corporate executive.
Dominique Piotet
CEO FABERNOVEL US and Chief Rebel in charge of International Development
As a Strategy & Development Manager, Stéphane’s mission is to design and develop strategic projects that deliver maximum value to FABERNOVEL’s clients while ensuring satisfaction at each stage of the collaboration. Stéphane also contributes to the international development strategy of the FABERNOVEL Group.
Stéphane Nasser
Strategy & Development Manager


From idea to execution, FABERNOVEL empowers companies to digitally transform and win.

True to the original promise of FABERNOVEL * (* faber = to do // novel = new), we create start-ups, identify possible futures and transmit the keys of understanding to our customers. Our ambition is to help them find their way and to succeed in an uncertain context by committing fewer resources.

Leaders of the connected economy define new organizational and technological standards and revolutionize usage. They are agile and focused on their customers. We study and analyze these leaders and share their paths to success.

We are craftsmen of design, code and data. We are entrepreneurs. We combine our talents with those of our customers and partners to create the human and digital assets of tomorrow.

We always integrate strategy and implementation, vision and execution. We help companies embrace and realize future growth in the digital economy, with curiosity, convictions, ingenuity, impact and elegance.

Our Capabilities

From idea to execution, FABERNOVEL empowers companies to digitally transform and win.

Content Production
Trend Analysis

Workshop Facilitation
Digital Courses
Design Thinking
Technology Sourcing
Live Training

Event Organization

Fabernovel lives and breathes innovation on the ground in Silicon Valley and within global innovation ecosystems worldwide.

Our team is small and growing fast, so your work with us will have a real impact.

We are looking for talented people who are passionate about digital technologies and innovation and who have a strong interest in the entrepreneurial community.