Understand Your Data & Media

Whether you are a startup or a large corporation, data is key to drive online growth. Our Data & Media team is a performance-driven task force that leverages open and proprietary data with technology and advertising networks to make your campaigns help you grow faster.

Data & Solutions:

FABERNOVEL is a digital expert in data management and improvement. Our Data solutions offer include Data Audit, Website/Mobile app performance tracking, dashboards set-up for all kinds of role (marketing, e-commerce, HR,…) as well as ad-hoc solutions fitted to your needs.

Media Solutions:

Build bridges between relevant data and the advertising networks to improve your online campaigns. FABERNOVEL Media Solutions leverages open data, website performance composite metrics, TV ad campaigns signals and more, to “feed” Facebook, Google, Twitter or RTB platforms so that the algorithms can do a better job in optimizing campaigns.

Startup Packs:

Because startups need to support their growth with data, FABERNOVEL has designed an offer specifically to cater to their specific needs. We help startup test traction and demonstrating a potential for an innovative offer, in order to identify the relevant market segments or to raise funds.

Product Testing:

Launching a new product or service is a difficult task. FABERNOVEL helps you gauge the market reaction pre-launch by marketing your offer online to different audience groups and learning what works and what does not. A deep, quantified understanding of your product-market fit boosts the success of your project.