Expanding the innovation ecosystem

Expanding the Innovation Ecosystem

Following a Learning Expedition to Silicon Valley, SNCF realized they needed to invest in a local presence. They came to FABVERNOVEL to extend and strengthen their ecosystem strategy in San Francisco and the surrounding area. The goal of the project is to anchor this new visit into a firmer ground for the SNCF:

Develop the partnerships in advance
Gather insights that will directly contribute to the design of the trip’s schedule

Program Objectives

Leverage SNCF’s progress so far:

build on top of the groundwork already done during the different visits in Silicon Valley.

Identify and focus on quick-wins:

the R&D antenna will be a long project in the making but needs some sparks from its inception to be successful.

Create a movement:

if the antenna’s goal is to inspire the whole group in its digitalization, it has to showcase successful projects behind which all collaborators can rally, through regular announcements and communications.

Set up the ground for the full-on SNCF Lab:

During the first months we will be able to explore and test the different ways that SNCF can leverage its presence in Silicon Valley.

Raising top executives’ awareness of innovative, impactful and inspiring trends in technology & practices, and inspire them to find actionable ways to adapt to future challenges and diffuse a culture of innovation internally.

The Lab Is Not a Location, It’s a Process

Designing and building a winning formula for SNCF in the digital era.

To reconcile agility, pragmatism and the needs for durability and scalability, the Lab will run by seasons. FABERNOVEL proposes to design, build and deploy the first season of the Lab, so as to proof-test its excellency and uncover the first outcomes for SNCF.

Three Steps to Kickstart Innovation

1. Watch

We operate a strategic watch platform for your company to receive all relevant updates in terms of usage, new product and service development, trends and upcoming disruptions

2. Connect

We give access to our wide network within the Silicon Valley’s innovation ecosystem and make introductions to foster meaningful business relationships. We can host a dedicated analyst within our team to work as a full-time representative. We support the creation of tailored content and can create a dedicated platform to diffuse it internally.

3. Build

We design proofs of concepts, provide the framework and experts to accelerate the prototyping and testing of new ideas, and support the making of key strategic partnerships.