FABERNOVEL’s US team is small and growing fast, so your work with us will have a real impact. 

FABERNOVEL provides an opportunity to work in a high-energy co-working space surrounded by amazing people and the ability to participate in events on a variety of innovation topics.

We are looking for talented people who are passionate about digital technologies and innovation and who have a strong interest in the entrepreneurial community. 

In order to be happy and successful at Fabernovel, you will need to share the company’s cultural values of curiosity, connection, entrepreneurship, uniqueness and drive to discover and succeed.

Our team embraces the challenges to create solutions together with their colleagues. You will constantly learn new things, participate in Silicon Valley’s ecosystem and gain useful experience.

And most importantly, you will enjoy the fun that we have - from Friday breakfasts to quarterly offsites.  

Interested in working at FABERNOVEL? Contact recruitment_us@fabernovel.com

We help our clients with

Learning Expeditions

Network. Experience. Commune.


Digital Academy

Build an ongoing knowledge base.


Strategy Consulting

Identify. Prioritize. Execute.


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