Who We Are

We use startup methodologies to execute ideas, speed up innovation processes, and accelerate time to market. We are intrinsically user-centric and borrow the best methodologies from the design world, from design thinking to prototyping.

Digitally Transform and Win

People are the foundation of all transformation. Through our Learning Expeditions and Digital Academies, we deliver mindset change and new skillsets for global organizations at all levels. 

Harness the Power of AI

Our AI Lab is here to ensure that your organization has the technical skills and business expertise required to turn your data into strategic growth and operational efficiency.


From innovation watch to fast prototyping, we help you connect with the best players in leading ecosystems and turns ideas and technology into tangible impact.

About Us

FABERNOVEL is a global innovation agency committed to empowering companies to create a lasting cultural shift and knowledge base to act upon. We bring the thought leadership of a consultancy, the creativity of an advertising agency and problem solving strength of a technology company. We work tirelessly to bring the benefits of change to corporations, startups, and teams who want to create market impact with digital technology to win.

Our Clients

Through our work, these companies have become valued client partners with FABERNOVEL:

Our Capabilities

From idea to execution, FABERNOVEL empowers companies to digitally transform and win.

Content Production
Trend Analysis

Workshop Facilitation
Digital Courses
Design Thinking
Technology Sourcing
Live Training

Event Organization

We Are Global

Through our presence in San Francisco, New York, Paris, Shanghai, and Lisbon, FABERNOVEL is able to bring a global perspective from a broad and deep network of large corporations, start-ups, innovators, and digital experts worldwide.

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FABERNOVEL makes powerful change tangible and within company’s grasp. We help our clients optimize their know-how and their products.